Family Racing

Drag racing is a family event at Camdup Racing.


There are several cars on this video.  First is us, then Barclay, then Jeff.  The first 2 are “Camdup” Cars.  Enjoy!

At 1:25, is the BIG WHEELIE!

Tom has the ’69 Chevelle.  With the newly debuted 598 Chevy Big Block, it ran 8.95 in the 1/4 mile at over 147mph on its first full pass!  There is also a 1984 Malibu under construction.  It will be a heads up racecar.

The New 598 motor!

Tommy has an ’06 McPhantom Junior Dragster.  It has a Blockzilla 3×3 motor that runs 8.90′s in the 1/8 mile at about 75mph.  He was the Gateway 2007 track champ, in his rookie year, and the 2008 Jr Dragster Challenge winner, also at Gateway.

Meg has a 1997 Motivational Tubing Junior Dragster.  It boasts a Raptor motor and runs 12.90′s in the 1/8 mile at about 50 mph.

Meg is the 2010 8-9 year old Champ!  She won a Wally at the Jr. Dragster Challenge!  (her Daddy hasn’t even done that!)